your freedom fueling funnel is

The Webinar

and it’s going to get you straight to Turks and Caicos by way of Private jet baby!

You are a powerhouse!

And a webinar funnel is going to help you show you audience that you are the person who is going to help them solve their problems!

If you have products instead of services then a FB live or prerecorded video series would do the trick!

You like to get straight to the point without all of the extra hoopla. Get straight to the plane and to destination without stripping to get through TSA.

You work hard and play harder because you focus on the bottom line.

It is important to you that you not only do things right but do them right the first time. Which is great because that ensures that your audience and customers always get the best of you. 

Only 3% of the population
is like you!

You are a freaking Internally Flawless Grade D colorless diamond! (The best of the best in case you are familiar with diamond grading lol)

But right now it may not feel like it.

You may feel like travelling on a private jet to T&C is a million miles away from achieving.

And your PTSD (perfectionism of tasks stress disorder) isn’t helping.

Because you are a natural born leader and powerhouse you know that everything you want is possible but may not be completely sure on how you can get there.

Keeping reading to learn more about your step-by-step path to building your private jet level funnel…

I've always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come.

- Michael Jordan

WTF is a Funnel?

I’m sure you’ve heard the word funnel so much but you may not be completely sold or fully understand what it is. Simply put, a funnel is just a process. It helps people take your ideal action and get them from point A to point B or point BUY as I like to say. Essentially there are 2 types of funnels. A lead generation funnel, that helps bring new people into your pipeline, and a sales funnel that gets people to purchase from you.

3 Reasons why You Need One In Your Business

#1 Passive Income

The number one and most important reason is to create true passive income. A system that brings in income AUTOMATICALLY without you having to put in any extra work. If you stop working you won’t stop making money.

#2 Increase AOV

Increasing your AOV (average order value) increases revenue without any extra work. So instead of someone only paying $49 for your product or service they may end up leaving having purchased $237.

#3 Top of Mind

Keep you at the top of mind. The fortune is in the follow up but the is where we tend to get lazy. If you don’t remind people you are here, they aren’t going to purchase. A funnel helps do this automatically.

But it absolutely is possible to create amazing funnels that actually help you fulfill your dreams.
0 %
of the people who visit your website will leave without ever converting to a lead or sale.

Dont fall into these

common funnel traps

Creating an offer that sucks

if you create an offer that no one wants, meaning it doesn’t align with their goals, pain points, values, challenges, or desires it is going to just collect dust. Ive got a framework that helps you do this below.

Using the wrong kind of funnel

Most people fall into the trap of using a PDF to sell a 500 or 5000 dollar product eyeroll emoji. But there are so many other funnels you can use. (keep scrolling to see them all)

Not telling people about your amazing thing!

Yo… a funnel doesn’t work if no one knows about it. You HAVE to send traffic to it for it to work. And because you may see a conversion rate of 1 to 5 percent you will need to send hundreds of people through your funnel a day. So I give you permission to be unapologetically and shamelessly telling the world about your amazing thing!

Here is what you do instead...

introducing the

Funnel to Freedom Formula

the formula that allows you to significantly grow your business, increase revenue and attain the life of freedom you’ve always wanted without working crazy hard to get there.

Your Traffic System

If no one sees it no one buys it.

Your traffic system brings in the right traffic – Most funnels stop before they even get started because most people think that when you create your landing page your funnel is complete. But a landing page isn’t a funnel…it’s a landing page.

Getting people to purchase from you is a numbers game. As you may have experienced by now, not everyone who interacts with your brand or visits your landing page is going to buy. So you want to make sure you have a constant and consistent flow of traffic/people seeing your offer.

Your Conversion System

Inspires action taking

Your conversion system inspires people to take action. They have identified that not only do you have a solution to their problem or the vehicle to get them to their goal but you kinda really basically just read their mind so it was a no-brainer for them to take action.

Do you know your conversion rate?

The average landing page conversion rate, across industries, is 2.35%, which is considered good.

You’re doing awesome if you get to 5%.

You are a freaking unicorn if you get 10% or more.

Your Follow-up System

Increases revenue like you never thought possible

Because look… people get distracted, they forget, and sometimes they just need more information. That is what your email marketing and retargeting does for you it 1. Keeps you on top of mind and 2. It helps remind people of your offers 3. Builds trust 4. Builds your brand as a thought leader girl.

Other funnels to help you create your freedom funnel

Imagine If...

You had a system that brings in your a boatload of ideal customers that not only convert but convert big and convert over and over again.

You could ultimately grow your business AUTOMATICALLY without worrying about an algorithm or posting daily content…

To finally feel like a “real” business owner and be proud that you built a sustainable business that not only sustains you now but every future project and person tied to your legacy later…

You went into business for yourself to create immense flexibility so that you could do, have, and be all the things you wanted and be around those who matter to you the most.

A funnel gives you a ridiculous amount of freedom.

What would it look like if you could have the immense flexibilty you crave, not miss the moments, build the legacy, make the impact, live fully in your purpose, and create the life of joy and happiness you’ve always wanted?

Hey Babe! I'm

Ashleigh Chanel

The face behind this Fantastic Funnel to Freedom Quiz

Your friendly, virtual, neighborhood Marketing Genie here to make all of your marketing dreams come true.

Having a funnel can literally change your life in a matter of weeks. ( it did with me when my mom had a stroke in 2018 and i became her care taker through the end of 2019.) 

I am all about working less and making more YOWO!

The goal is to make your life easier by bringing the RIGHT people into your corner of the internet and getting them so excited that they take action and ultimately buy from you — immediately or a few weeks down the line.  

The steps to doing your business better, gaining real momentum, and being profitable online start here. 

YOU are amazing, YOUR business is needed, and someone is waiting on YOU to showcase YOUR gift! 

Building a funnel doesn’t have to be hard. If you have a plan… THIS IS THAT PLAN

I know building a funnel can feel and be so daunting — Landing pages, social media posts, emails, writing everything!

Especially when you are only piecing it together with youtube and advice from facebook groups…BY YOURSELF.

I know you ready to grow your business, increase revenue and attain the life of freedom you’ve always wanted.

You want the inside scoop on how the exact steps i used to get over 1000 new subscribers to my email list in under 2 months?

introducing the

Build your lead generation funnel in 14 days or less

that unlocks the power of autopilot sales, attracts your ideal customers, generates leads, expands your brand awareness, and fits your business perfectly!

After completing this challenge, you’ll have a beautiful, fully functioning, LEAD-GENERATING opt-in funnel that your ideal audience can’t help but to opt-in to. You will also have a fundamental understanding of a high-functioning marketing funnel while also creating this on-tap, dynamic marketing system of your own, designed to attract qualified leads into converting customers and establish authority and consumer trust with your brand.

I am unlocking the exact method to get you TARGETED subscribers who can’t wait to get more from you! …and not just your free content)

Whats The Goal_Whats the goal

To get our ideal audience to buy from us…

that is the goal right?

But first your ideal customer needs to opt-in so you can show them and give them a reason to trust you.

Once that connection is formed, it makes it easier for them to buy from you because you have proven yourself as a brand that can be trusted to provide the solutions that they need.

in the opt-in to buy-in challenge?

Plus All Of These Extras To Ensure You Are Successful!:

Total Value = $2097

Building Your Impactful Marketing + Funnel foundation ($497)

For the first 7 days, we’ll build your momentous funnel foundation with the tools that really matter. I’ll personally show you how to choose and set up your landing page software, email marketing software, install your facebook pixel, and how to create your brand’s value ladder product to leave your audience ascending through the buyer’s journey with confidence and trust. Because getting them to buy is the goal right?!

Creating Your Comprehensive Lead Magnet & Customer Value Journey Gameplan ($497)

After we’ve created the proper foundation for your funnel, it’s time to brainstorm the perfect type of lead magnet for your business specifically. Then plan out the necessary steps that will take your idea from a simple thought to total reality. In addition to creating your lead magnet, we will also map out your offer, based off of a customized value ladder that best fits your business type.

Assembling Your Sales Funnel Pipeline Structure ($497)

In this final phase, we wrap up the challenge with creating the pillars that can be found in any efficient automated funnel ––an automated opt-in email sequence, landing page, and follow up welcome sequence. These pieces will help you guide your ideal clientele from their initial interaction with your business to when they’ve become a lifelong customer. All you have to do is be willing to assemble the process. 🙂 (but don’t worry, I have a ton of plug and play templates for you)

A Lead Generating Opt-in Funnel ($997)

A lead generating opt-in funnel is the one thing that every business needs but not all businesses have. Once you complete the opt-in to buy-in challenge you will leave with a fully functioning opt-in funnel ready to bring you qualified leads. No more struggling to create the right freebie, no more watching no one subscribe, only ideal customer subscribers from this point forward.

Your Other Bonuses:

Because I have to make sure you have everything you need to be successful!

✨Customized Funnel Workflows

Are you a step-by-step kind of builder? Me too! Using these example workflows for methods Lead Magnet, Optin Automation, Optin Landing Page, and other essential funnel assets––you will have the framework for how to create the vital pieces needed to have a well-running funnel machine.

✨Value ladder Masterclass

Use this worksheet to help you clearly identify your path of products and services that your ideal customer would ascend to during their buyer’s journey!

✨Landing Page Templates

Not sure where to start with building out your landing pages? Whether you’re looking to create something simple or more complex to inform your leads of your top of the funnel product, purchase your digital products, or learn more of your services––you can use these landing page templates to help you along the way. You can start and build your landing page with ease using these templates.

✨Welcome Sequence Template

Now that you’ve gotten your leads into your CRM system, you’ve got to do your due diligence to make them feel welcomed 🙂 Not sure what or where to start with your welcome sequence? No worries––you can use this template to guide you through the email writing process for your welcome sequence and make your new subscribers feel right at home 🙂

✨Buyer persona Masterclass

Stay ahead of your competition, speak directly to your buyer,  show them that you know exactly what they want and need, and never run out of content as long as you stay in business. And do this with the creation of your customer avatar.

✨Lead Magnet List

Everyone is telling you to build a lead magnet, but how do you know which one is ideal for your service or offer? Using this list, you will be able to select what your ideal lead magnet should be for your brand, your message, and to best offer the value that your ideal customer is looking for.

✨Master Tech Guide

You’ve probably heard of a few go-to recommendations for CRM software and Project Management technology, but here you get the full scoop on how to implement the funnel steps correctly inActive Campaign, Convertkit, FloDesk, etc. This guide will also help you decide which is best for your business (if you don’t have one already) and how to get started with incorporating them into your funnel creation process! On top of that we make sure you know how to install your pixel properly!

✨Software + Tools List

Get the ultimate list of comprehensive funnel + marketing tools that are essential to you creating an efficient funnel from start to finish!
Remember if you REFER 3 FRIENDS you GET YOURS FREE!

**This used to be a 21 day challenge now it is 14 days

Kym A.

This challenge is for you if...

YES! I Want To Build My lead Genereating Machine In 14 Days or Less!

It’s time to reach your ideal audience & move them from saying hi to ready to buy...


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* DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that leads or growth will occur in 21 days. Results vary because of many factors, including the action taken by the person taking the challenge.

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